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Part No: 40001020
Main Applications:
How Does NoZWET Works: The finished NoZwet coating effectively increases surface area, making it extremely difficult for condensation to form. In extreme conditions under which condensation droplets are likely to fall to the area below, NoZwet simply absorbs the water at a rate of 1 liter per square yard. NoZwet eliminates the potential for pooling water to damage equipment, cargo, stored goods, working surfaces, presenting a dangerous working environment with the prospect of lawsuits. nbsp; APPLICATIONS for NoZWET:
  • Warehouses and Factories; especially food stuff and grains warehouses suffering from condensation and high humidity
  • Sugar and Other Grains Storage Facilities
  • Airports and Hangars
  • Schools, Sports and Event Venues
  • Vehicles Garages
  • Cellular and Radio Transmission Tower Support Buildings/Structures
  • Hangars & Hardened Aircraft Shelters
  • Metal Roofed Buildings
  • Ammunition Storage Etc...